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Our Fogging Sanitizing Services

  • Commercial spaces including factories, warehouses, office blocks.

    1 hr

    Quoted Price
  • Office buildings, offices, shops, hotels or rented work spaces.

    1 hr

    Quoted Price
  • Houses, flats, multi-tenancy occupancy blocks, communal areas.

    1 hr

    Quoted Price
  • Cars, taxis, vans, trucks, buses, lorry cabs and more.

    1 hr

    Quoted Price
  • Bouncy castles, soft play areas, toys and more.

    1 hr

    Quoted Price
  • For all other types of sanitization please select this option.

    1 hr

    Quoted Price

More About Our Fogging Servces

Commercial Fogging Sanitizing

We can sanitize a range of commercial premises and buildings from small commercial units, offices, communal areas to large industrial units and areas.

Business Fogging Sanitizing

We can sanitize any premises or building used for business purposes. These include individual offices, office blocks, doctors surgeries, dental practices, gyms, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, event venues and more.

Shop Fogging Sanitizing

We can sanitize any size shop such as a coffee shop, restaurant, cafe, bar, wedding venue, high street shop, mobile street vendors, mobile catering vehicles, food production areas and more.

Residential Fogging Sanitizing

We can fully sanitize your house or home. Whether it is a flat, bungalow, terrace house, semi-detached house, detached house, a care home or out building of any size.

Why choose Mist-IT for Your Fogging

Mist-IT Can Sanitize

Homes Offices Retail Units Shops Hair & Beauty Salons Warehouses & Factories Gyms and Health Clubs Hotels & Restaurants Nurseries Care homes Caravans and Holiday Homes Work vehicles e.g. vans, trucks, buses, lorry cabs

Benefits of Mist-IT's Sanitization

Clinically proven infection control Faster than traditional cleaning methods Cost-effective compared to conventional cleaning methods Minimum disruption to the workplace

Why Choose Mist-IT?

A member of our team will work in your home or commercial property at a pre-arranged date and time that suits you. We provide our services throughout Suffolk and Essex and aim to cause minimal disruption to your working day providing a quick and effective service.

Mist-IT's Sanitization Services

At Mist-IT we provide a comprehensive electrostatic thermal fogging sanitization service that uses an atomisation treatment to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including Coronavirus, E.coli, MRSA, Norovirus and Swine Flu.

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