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Triple Attack Technology


Electrostatic Droplets of Chlorine 


Bipolar Ionization



This method is designed for despatching oxidizing agents on a ‘hunt and destroy mission’ against pathogens, virus, bacteria, and spores.

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Dual Step Sanitization Process

A pre-clean of the area should have been performed before fogging takes place.


To get full coverage of oxidation agents and reduce electrostatic electricity we firstly fog all Frequently Touched Objects (FTO's)


To get full coverage of oxidation agents throughout the entire volume of each room we do so by fogging at ceiling height.

By using this method we get double coverage on all of the FTO's as the airborne treatment settles over the first treatment.

The room will then be left for up to 45 minuets to allow the positive and negative ions, ozone and chlorine to settle and cover all surfaces fully.

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MIST-IT use FOG BLASTER PRO to administer chemicals by nano-droplets to any commercial or residential space and onto any surface. 


FOG BLASTER PRO helps to prevent the spread of diseases caused by exposure to viruses and bacteria that are both airborne and surface based contaminants.


We SANITIZE and DISINFECT all surfaces and entire internal rooms.

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